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We offer the most versatile planters on the market. Available in a range of different planting styles and sizes, our products are guaranteed to provide the wow factor in your community...

Our range of hanging,pole and Barrier baskets,togther with our free standing unique award winning Cosmopolitan Cubes, Palm and Evergreen displays are the most cost efficient way of providing high impact displays throughout the year. We offer a bespoke planting and maintenance service that is tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Amethyst focuses on the production of in excess of 6000 Summer and Winter floral displays, all unique by design but matched by our commitment to quality
and meeting our client's timescales.Internationally, we are recognised for our quality and service.

To produce a quality product it has to start from the beginning. The growing medium is critical to our success and is carefully selected to contain the right elements,grading,fertiliser,aeration,water retention/drainage etc.

In addition a peat based medium behaves differently to a peat free medium and as such,production requirements are different.

All of these factors will determine how the floral display not only establishes but how it performs on site.

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